Our Story

Our story started in 2011 when German engineering and American spirit joined together to create the “Steak Champ”, the unique, innovative LED meat thermometer that guarantees perfect steaks, just the way you like your steak. This innovation led to an entire collection of high-quality cooking tools.

Today Steak Champ is an innovative line of grilling and kitchen tools made from sustainable materials. Our goal is to help consumers prepare, cook, and serve steak to achieve restaurant quality results. Endorsed by some of the world’s leading steakhouse chefs, we believe that we have a responsibility to develop consumer products that are made from the highest quality materials that do not harm the environment. For our knife handles, we have chosen to replace virgin plastic with Ocean Bound Plastic. Currently, there is over 5 trillion macro and micro tons of plastic in our oceans. It is also our responsibility to reduce and over time eliminate this problem. We’re excited to do our part, product by product, to make a better and tastier world.

We are based in Bavaria Germany (yes, we do own and wear Lederhosen, but not really all the time) and maintain a distinguished network of renowned barbecue experts, consummate foodies and steakhouse chefs that challenge our ideas and stand proudly behind our products. Please make sure to visit us on Instagram or Facebook, too.

Since 2020 SteakChamp is proud Member of Velong's Brandfactory family.