Shane McMahon,
Munich based Irish Chef stands proudly behind SteakChamp tools

Shane grew up in Ireland and started to cook in his parent’s restaurant at the age of twelve. As a young chef Shane rocked various stove tops and grills at some of the most renowned German restaurants. Now he runs the beautiful 300-year-old Asam Schlössl (little castle) restaurant in the heart of Munich. You bet, the steaks are cooked on a grill to perfection. Shane is a member of the international Chefs’ Irish Beef Club. Shane helps us in creating unique steak tools which he uses in his restaurant as well.

Ludwig „Lucki“ Maurer
SteakChamp friend and user since 2014

Lucki is a multi-talent and comes from an old, Bavarian family of restaurateurs.
For him, everything revolves around the perfect piece of meat. That's why he's also quoted in the German media as the "meat pope".
Lucki is a top restaurateur, best-selling author and Wagyu cattle breeder.
He manages his Wagyu herd on an organic basis. For the German audience Lucki is known from magazines like BEEF and various TV formats.
Lucki has been a friend and user of SteakChamp tools for almost 10 years.

When experts rave about their "perfect steak", we are very, very attentive and listen very carefully. We draw inspiration from their expertise, ask questions and subject our products to rigorous testing. If a newly developed product does not meet the high demands of professional standards, it is reworked until it does.

Fabio Viviani

Celebrity Chef, Bestselling Cookbook Author

Guido Cardena

Sparks Steakhouse NYC,
Executive Chef

Jason Carron

Del Friscos Boston, Executive Chef

Peter Zwiener

Wolfgang's Steakhouse NYC, Managing Partner

Rich Ciota

Gene & Georgetti Chicago, Managing Partner

Johann Lafer

Celeb Chef and TV host for decades

Stefan Marquard

Michelin star chef and kitchen rockstar

Lucky Maurer

Ralf Jakumeit & Chakall. True meat experts.

Andreas Rummel

BBQ Expert and Author

“SteakChamp is one of my favourite BBQ gadgets and takes the fear out of cooking a steak perfectly every time!”

Ben Bartlett, Bristol, UK, President British BBQ Association and author of the Haynes BBQ Manual

“Now with SteakChamp the Barbecue Weekend warriors can cook steaks like a professional.”

Rich Ciota, Chicago, IL, USA, Executive Chef, Gene & Georgetti, Steakhouse

“When it comes to cooking high-end steaks, many people get nervous. With SteakChamp we can guarantee our customers to succeed.”

Frank Albers, Düsseldorf, Germany, Director of Albers Food

“I tested SteakChamp at Sparks steak house and the result was a perfect medium rare steak.”

Guido Cardenas, New York City, head chef, SPARKS steak house

“It has never been so easy to cook a steak! Whether bloody, medium or well done – the SteakChamp determines the degree of doneness and guarantees the desired result.”

Stefan Marquard, Munich, Germany, Celebrity Cook

“We sell the SteakChamp in our steak restaurant. This way, my customers can prepare a perfect steak at home, too.”

Erwin Peters, Moscow, Russia, Executive Head Chef, El Gaucho Steakhouse