Our Story

In 2011, a collaboration between German engineering and American spirit gave birth to our story. The result was the "Steak Champ," a one-of-a-kind LED meat thermometer that ensures the perfect steak cooked exactly to your liking. This breakthrough sparked the creation of a complete range of top-notch cooking tools.

Today, Steak Champ is a brand that offers innovative grilling and kitchen tools crafted from sustainable materials. Our mission is to assist individuals in preparing, cooking, and serving steak with exceptional quality akin to what you would find in a renowned steakhouse. Our products are endorsed by leading steakhouse chefs worldwide, and we feel a responsibility to develop consumer goods that are made from the finest materials without causing harm to the environment. For example, we have opted to use recycled Ocean Bound Plastic for our knife handles.

Headquartered in Bavaria, Germany, we maintain a distinguished network of esteemed barbecue experts, passionate food enthusiasts, and accomplished steakhouse chefs. These individuals challenge our ideas and proudly support our products. And yes, while we do own and occasionally wear Lederhosen, it's not an everyday occurrence!

Since 2020 SteakChamp is proud member of Velong's Brandfactory family.


Image: Our co-founder Uli Scherraus