LED Steak Thermometer 3c black

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GERMAN PRECISION | GET THE PERFECT STEAK: SteakChamp is the ultimate steak thermometer for cooking every steak to just the right point. Engineered in Germany, its color-coder LED light indicates when your meat is ready with extreme precision. With three set temperature (green=medium rare, yellow=medium, red=medium well) you will always get your steak to your personal perfection. 

SUPREME HEAT RESISTANCE | UP TO 900°F: This high-grade stainless steel thermometer surpasses all other steak thermometers when it comes to it’s superior heat resistance feature. If you think 900F is too much for the mighty SteakChamp to handle, then think again!

ENJOY DECADES OF STEAK: SteakChamp is designed with an advanced built-in energy-saving battery which lasts for 10-20 years (based on 1-2 steak per week). Count on SteakChamp to help you achieve tender steak, game, duck, and fish today, and for many years to come!

NO CORDS | NO PROBLEMS: The SteakChamp thermometer features a convenient cordless design for your grilling, searing and roasting needs. Now you can maneuver your way through your steakcapades with complete control and effortless ease.

TRUSTED GERMAN BRAND: Buy your SteakChamp today with full confidence! If you have a problem, we'll help!


Alarm-Settings for degree of doneness:
medium rare (green flash): 50°C / 120°F
medium (yellow flash): 58°C / 135°F
medium well (red flash): 65°C / 149°F
Stainless steel/glass
Heat Resistance: Up to 900°F / 500°C
Battery:: built-in / included
Product Dimensions: 80mm length, 6mm diameter (3.15in / 0.24in)
Item Weight: 30grams/ 1.0oz



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